The 3 in 1 locking system front door handle

20th January 2022

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Black front door handle

Satin chrome         Black                Chrome


The 3 in 1 complete solution

Entry Pro 3.0 locks are an all in one locking system designed for the Australian market, featuring three convenient operation functions all in one lock. The Entry Pro 3.0 offers advanced engineering, together with commercial quality construction for a secure and stylish entrance.


Entry Pro 3 brochure

Front door handle Entry Pro 3

Click this link to see the Entry Pro 3 brochure, with detailed product specifications.



Commercial quality range of front door handles

Available in a great range of colours, enjoy the benefits of this contemporary Australian designed range including the durable, soft, elegant finish. A minimalist look to complement any style, coordinating with internal handles for a consistent look throughout.

Front door handle range, Entry Pro 3

Brushed brass Entry Pro 3 will be available soon!



Door hardware specifications

Strength and security for your home, delivered by a 6-pin cylinder and superior mortice lock. Constructed with zinc, also DDA compliant and fire rated, the Entry Pro 3 is backed up by a strong warranty.


Front door handle Entry Pro 3




Defects / Workmanship    10 years

Mechanical                         20 years

Tarnish resistant                2 years


For more information regarding Lemaar's door hardware warranty, click this link. 



Matching the Entry Pro 3 with other internal handles

The Entry Pro 3 can be matched with various internal handles. Click on the below links to see the styles that are a great fit, with the same square lines and design.


Black front door handle


black door handle

Javea door handle, black

black door handle

Cadalso door handle, black

black door handle

Zalla door handle, black




chrome front door handle entry pro 3

chrome front door handle

Zalla door handle, chrome

Chrome door handle

Calida door handle, chrome

chrome front door handle

Cadalso door handle, chrome




front door handle satin chrome

satin chrome door handle

Cadalso door handle, satin chrome

satin chrome door handle

Javea door handle, satin chrome

satin chrome door handle

Calida door handle, satin chrome



Need more information or ideas

Click on the below article links for more tips and ideas on choosing the right door hardware for your home, and for door handle installation tips.

Choosing the right door hardware for your home

Door handle installation tips


Further assistance

If you need further assistance, contact the Lemaar customer service team at or via phone at 03 9580 1630



Lemaar door hardware


Lemaar makes it easy to choose matching door hardware products so you achieve a complete solution right across your home or project. Our range includes the latest colours and finishes including white and brushed brass door handles, plus fire rated, 316 marine grade stainless steel and DDA compliant door hardware. Use the product filter on the Products page to sort by door handle type and colour. Australian owned and designed, Lemaar offers artistry in door furniture. If you’re a Builder you can connect with our Commercial Projects team or email your plans to

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