No matter if you have black, stainless steel, chrome or another door handle finish, it is important to maintain and clean the surface of your door furniture once it has been installed.


How to care and maintain door furniture finishes

To maintain your door handles, each should be wiped with a damp soft, non-abrasive cloth using cold water, and dried off with a soft dry cloth.

Repeat this process each year.


Do not use detergents or an abrasive cloth

As mentioned, only cold water should be used with a non-abrasive soft cloth.

Using detergents, cleaning products or abrasive cloths will scratch or compromise the finish of the door handle, and should be avoided.


External door furniture

Door furniture fitted externally will require more regular attention due to the increased exposure to atmospheric conditions such as dust, dirt, moisture and salt water spray or conditions. External door furniture should be maintained every six months.


Seaside or salt water spray locations

All products whether made of Stainless Steel, Zinc or Brass may discolour or stain if left unmonitored, particularly products that are by the sea. External door furniture in seaside locations should be maintained every three to six months.

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