2020 Trend Report - Matt Black

13th October 2020

The biggest door handle trend in 2019 and 2020 was not the actual design, but the colour of handles. Throughout homes and commercial property across Europe, the States’, and Australia, black finishes are dominating tapware, window frames, light fittings, interior feature pieces and door hardware.

Lemaar’s range of black door hardware is broad, from entry such as the L3, deadbolts and door pulls, to passage and privacy handles. Our range of black door handles are manufactured to the highest quality. Rather than powdercoated colours, Lemaar black handles are finished with an electroplated black colour, providing a  smoother and more durable finish. 

What black finishes do to the look of your home 

Put simply, black provides the opportunity for high contrasts, bold trims and a minimalist look. And when positioned against white, black provides contrast that makes other colours pop, providing an opportunity for interior design centrepieces such as a feature wall, artwork or furniture. 

Tapware trends, driving black door handle finishes 

It’s important to note that occasionally, tapware drives trends across door hardware. For the past few years, all white kitchens have been the go, and now we’re seeing two-toned kitchens emerging. This includes black, and of course black tapware. And when you have black tapware, you must have matching black door handles in the same square or round design of the rosette or the handle itself.


Maintenance is especially important for black door hardware to protect the unique finish from wear and tear and external elements and seaside locations. For maintenance instructions please visit the Maintenance page.

What next? 

We expect black to be popular for years to come, good news if you’re planning a classic or modern look with black elements and features. We are also seeing the emergence of white door handles and we expect this trend to increase into 2021.

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