Is it easy to install door handles yourself?

17th May 2021

Installing a door handles looks like a daunting task, but with a few tools, a little effort and a few skills you can achieve this DIY project with success and pride. Australian owned and designed, Lemaar door handles have been created to fit Australian’s love of DIY, therefore are easy to install.  To help you consider if you can successfully complete this project, here is a summary of the 4 easy steps to install door handles:


Measure and Mark

Measure the height of the door handle or you can check the height indicated in the door handle kit that you bought. Use the installation template and mark where you will drill the holes in the side and front of the door. Repeat this on the other side.


Drill Holes

Drill the holes marked on the side, back and front of the door.


Install Latch

Insert the latch into the hole you’ve drilled in the side of the door, then draw an outline around the faceplate. Remove the latch and faceplate after. Chisel out a hole for the latch. Install the latch, and drill the screws at the top and bottom of the latch.


Install Lever

Remove the faceplates from the two handles. Insert the screws into the smaller holes, then the bolt into the larger hole. Before attaching, check the handle by turning it in a downward motion. Insert and tighten the fixing screws. Repeat the same step on the other side.

Keep in mind that not all handles can be installed the same way. Always check and follow the instructions provided with the door handle kit.

A door installation template and installation instructions are provided within each product box.



Door handles by Lemaar


Lemaar makes it easy to choose matching door hardware products so you achieve a complete solution right across your home or project. Our range includes the latest colours and finishes including white and brushed brass door handles, plus fire rated, 316 marine grade stainless steel and DDA compliant door hardware. We continually introduce new door handles, to meet the demand of what customers are looking for, to fit within their home interior design style. These styles need matching fittings such as door hardware, to match feature pieces and fixings such as tapware. This is why in 2022 we introduced new white, stainless steel and brushed brass door handles. Our aim is for door hardware to be easy, easy to choose with a complete solution with matching entry, passage and privacy handles, and door handles designed for easy installation and efficient installation for Builders. We stand by our products and offer a strong warranty, and we also recommend regular maintenance, please refer to our maintenance page on this site. For inspiration, please check out our inspiration page where you can see moodboards, videos and images of our range in lifestyle images. You can use the product filter on the Products page to sort by door handle type and colour. Australian owned and designed, Lemaar offers artistry in door furniture. If you’re a Builder you can connect with our Commercial Projects team or email your plans to


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