Smart locks: multiple functions, secure and designed for DIY installation

02nd August 2022
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Whether your installing a Lemaar Vision smart lock on new door, or retro-fitting by replacing your current front door lock, the Rectangle and Radius digital locks have been designed for straight forward installation. 'Doing it yourself' is an Australian pastime, giving you pride in your yourself and your home. And, removing the need to hire a tradesperson, allowing you to get more done with your budget.

Lemaar Vision Electronics have two new installation videos, the installation video, and retro-fit video, to guide you through this process. Referring to these videos, alongside the installation sheet, you can successfully achieve this project with some confidence and a few tools. This article takes your through two new exciting electronic locks now available across Australia.


Digital locks


smart lock fingerprint entry FOB key entry


Fingerprint entry digital lock


Smart locks offer convenience, security and an integrated solution that fits within your current home, or smart home setup. Adding an electronic lock to your home will provide a security solution to compliment other smart products, making life easier and more secure. The Radius and Rectangle smart locks provide multiple 'smart' functions, plus stronger security delivered by a stainless steel mortice.

The benefits of digital door locks appeals to families, Airbnb hosts and holiday rental property owners, plus commercial buildings or facility managers. Lemaar's range of smart locks include the Rectangle and Radius models. 


If you're a Builder and looking for a competitively priced, secure and stylish smart lock, please contact our Commercial Projects team on 03 9580 1630 or via email at 


smart lock Bunnings  smart lock Bunnings


Both digital locks offer various functions, high strength and security with a stainless steel mortice, can be installed by DIYers with guidance from our installation video, and is compatible with Grid Connect



Rectangle smart lock


The new Rectangle smart lock has been designed in Australia to meet demand for a stylish electronic lock for smart homes, that offers multiple functions and security. From street appeal to the entrance of your home, the 'Rectangle' smart lock by Lemaar offers a stunning design, rarely seen with smart locks available in Australia. And most importantly, it delivers on security with multiple 'smart' functions and stainless steel mortice.


DIY Installation

The Rectangle electronic lock is a great choice for security, functionality, style, value, plus by following the installation sheet and video can be installed by DIYers. Designed for straight forward installation, which can be achieved even if you're not a 'Tradie'. Follow the installation sheet provided in the box, or on the product page at this link, alongside the installation video, we will guide you how to successfully install this electronic lock, delivering security.


Integrating with your smart home hub

Integrating the smart lock into your existing smart home hub, such as Grid Connect is straight forward. If you don't have a smart home hub, you can operate the Rectangle and Radius digital locks independently. 



With a modern and clean design, rounded edges and flat reflective surfaces, the Rectangle Smart Lock will make entering and exiting your home a breeze with the multiple open functions for you and your family. The sleek look and keypad that lights up when active with make a statement at the entrance to your home.



black smart lock

The stunning design of the Lemaar Rectangle smart lock, now available at Bunnings 




The Rectangle Smart Lock offers multiple smart functions that provide convenience, security and peace of mind. On the backlit keypad you can either enter via your own 6-pin code, hold your FOB key close to the device, or place your thumb or finger on the perfectly positioned sensor to open the door to your home. Plus, you can open the door remotely to provide access to family, friends or for holiday rental guests. The Rectangle Smart Lock is compatible with Grid Connect and can operate independently of other smart home platforms. 


Multiple 'smart' functions, including:

  • Remote unlocking via App
  • Can operate independently with a secured wi-fi network without the need for additional software
  • Compatible with the Grid Connect mobile App that's free to download
  • Fingerprint unlocking
  • Message display
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Key FOB to open (2 FOB keys)
  • Premium stainless steel mortice lock for superior strength
  • Mechanical key override (2 keys)
  • Can operate as a entrance, passage or privacy handle
  • Suits door between 33mm to 50mm thick
  • Stainless steel latch bolt
  • Each lock includes the required 2 AA batteries
  • Complete solution - match with Lemaar interior door handles: passage, privacy, dummy levers


 smart lock





Specifications of the Rectangle and Radius smart locks include a stainless steel mortice offering security, two FOB keys, can be installed by DIYers and the ability to be retro-fitted to your existing door with lock that's being replaced.


smart lock

Specifications for the Rectangle and Radius smart locks


Specifications / line drawing





Complete solution in door hardware


Lemaar offers a 'complete solution' across many door handle ranges. We aim to make door hardware easy. From choosing the style and colour, you have the choice to install yourself, to hire a Tradie, or to ask your Builder, Interior Designer or Architect to add Lemaar door hardware to your project.

Easy to compare and choose, our door hardware 'complete solution' offers matching colours or finishes, and door handle designs, to suit your interior design theme. Our insights show us that most DIYer's, Builders, Architects and Interior Designers decide on door hardware colours and styles only after the overall theme, colour pallet, fittings (such as tapware), and feature pieces and furniture have been decided.

Possibly the most stylish smart lock available in Australia right now, the Rectangle smart lock can be matched with Lemaar internal door handles, to give you the same finish, design and style, delivering a 'complete solution'.

This Rectangle smart lock matches the Metz door handle and Palma door handle ranges. Below shows you some 'complete solutions' from entrance, passage to privacy.


smart lock with matching Metz internal door handle range




Matching the Rectangle smart lock with Metz range


With the rounded edges, and handle with flat face, the Metz is a modern and stylish door handle that matches the Rectangle smart lock.


door handle to match smart lock

Metz passage handle, matching privacy and dummy handles available


door handle mood board

Metz black door handle mood board


black front door handle




Palma door handle range


The Palma door handle also features round edges and handle. The Palma passage, privacy and dummy lever can be matched with the Rectangle.


smart lock and internal handles


smart lock matching internal handles


internal door handles that match smart lock


smart lock with matching black interior handles


smart lock and matching door handles


Palma black door handles with matching smart lock



Radius smart lock


The Radius electronic lock boasts superior strength and security, with a stainless steel mortice, straight forward installation and a modern design. The Radius sets the standard for a stylish digital lock for smart homes. Lemaar is an Australian owned door hardware group, and all door hardware products are designed in Australia to meet the demands of Australian home owners.  With multiple functions, the Radius digital lock is compatible with Grid Connect and can be operated independent from other smart home platforms.


Digital lock

Radius electronic lock


Digital lock features - Radius

  • Message display
  • Can operate as a entrance, passage or privacy handle
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Remote unlocking via App
  • Can operate independently with a secured wi-fi network without the need for additional software
  • Compatible with the Grid Connect mobile App that's free to download
  • Fingerprint unlocking
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Key FOB to open (2 FOB keys)
  • Premium stainless steel mortice lock for superior strength
  • Stainless steel latch bolt
  • Each lock includes the required 2 AA batteries
  • Match with Lemaar interior door handles: passage, privacy, dummy levers
  • Mechanical key override (2 keys)
  • Suits door between 33mm to 50mm thick


Radius smart lock line drawing

Radius smart lock line drawing


Radius smart lock with matching internal door handles


With round edges, and a minimalist narrow handle, the Radius smart lock has a contemporary design and can be matched with the Orba door handle range.


electronic lock with matching interior door handles


Radius smart lock with Orba matching handles


matching door hardware, smart lock and Orba door handle


door hardware complete solution with smart lock and passage handle


door handles


Matching design and colour


Digital lock with matching black door handles



What's in the box


What you'll find in the Rectangle and Radius smart lock box.

  1. Front plate components, 1
  2. Back plate components, 1
  3. M5 x M6 x 35 screw bolt, 2
  4. M4 x 25 countersunk head screw, 4
  5. Spindle, 1
  6. Strike plate, 1
  7. Strike plate box, 1
  8. M5 x 35 screw, 2
  9. M3 x 6 screw, 1
  10. Battery box cover, 1
  11. Screw cap, 1
  12. Stainless steel mortice, 1




To help you install the Rectangle or Radius smart locks, you can refer to the installation sheet within the box, on the product pages at, and by following the installation videos, see below. The installation video guides you through the steps to install both smart locks on new doors.


Installation instruction document


Click this link to open the Rectangle and Radius installation sheet.



Installation video - installing on new door




Retro-fit installation - installing smart locks your existing door


After removing your existing front door lock, this video guides you through retro-fitting the smart lock to your current door.






If you're looking for more information, please click the brochure image below to download the Smart Lock brochure PDF file.


Smart Lock brochure

Smart Lock brochure


Grid Connect


Grid Connect


The Rectangle and Radius smart locks are compatible with the Grid Connect smart home automation system, built to optimise your everyday living. Simply download the free Grid Connect app on your iOS or Android device and use your home Wi-Fi or mobile internet connection to control, customise and automate your product. It takes only minutes to set up using your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and there’s a wide range of products available that allow you to customise your system any way you like. Use the app to create the perfect light for every moment of the day, set your product to operate on your ideal schedule, and enjoy peace of mind while you’re away.


 grid connect smart locks bunnings

Grid Connect smart homes



Smart home products


Smart home products can be grouped into three categories, entertainment, convenience and security. Many people start with smart speakers for entertainment and convenience with functions like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Smart home and IoT products are not only convenient, but also allow your to be more sustainable, via remote control to lighting, heating and cooling, and taking advantage of sustainability smart functions across these products. Not only doing the right thing for the environment, but also allowing you to save on your home's utility bills and costs. The smart product space is still growing and as more products and categories are introduced, smart homes and home automation will only get bigger.



Smart home security


Security is one of the main reasons why people choose smart products. For peace of mind, visibility of entry points to their home, and to provide access to family members, guests or for holiday home renters. Security products include cameras and lighting, plus locks for front doors, and side and back doors. Lemaar is an Australian owned door hardware group, trusted by the trade, and our door handles have a quality you can feel. With this in mind, Lemaar has designed all smart locks to provide a high level of security, delivered via the mobile application, and the physical strength of the lock. The Radius and Rectangle smart locks include a stainless steel mortice, which provides a premium level of strength to keep your home secure.



Stainless steel mortice for smart locks


A stronger and more secure lock delivered by this stainless steel mortice.


smart lock mortice stainless steel


Stainless steel mortice line drawing

Stainless steel mortice line drawing




Smart homes across Australia


According to Tech Guide, smart home products are now in two-thirds of Australian homes. These products fit within the internet of things (IoT), and the most popular products categories are smart lighting, smart appliances, smart speakers and smart home security cameras.  To add to your home automation and smart home platform, consider a digital lock by Lemaar.  And if you already have Grid Connect products or platform, Lemaar smart locks will integrate with this platform. If you're looking for further connectivity or convenience, Lemaar smart locks offer this, plus a secure stainless steel mortice which provides additional strength and security. For more information about Grid Connect, please click this link.



Door hardware by Lemaar


Our range includes the latest colours and finishes including white and brushed brass door handles, plus fire rated, 316 marine grade stainless steel and DDA compliant door hardware. Our aim is for door hardware to be easy, easy to choose with a complete solution with matching entry, passage and privacy handles, and door handles designed for easy installation and efficient installation for Builders. Lemaar makes it easy to choose matching door hardware products so you achieve a complete solution right across your home or project.  We continually introduce new door handles, to meet the demand of what customers are looking for, to fit within their home interior design style. These styles need matching fittings such as door hardware, to match feature pieces and fixings such as tapware. This is why in 2022 we introduced new white, stainless steel and brushed brass door handles. For inspiration, please check out our inspiration page where you can see mood boards, videos and images of our range in lifestyle images. You can use the product filter on the Products page to sort by door handle type and colour. Australian owned and designed, Lemaar offers artistry in door furniture. We stand by our products and offer a strong warranty, and we also recommend regular maintenance, please refer to our maintenance page on this site. If you’re a Builder you can connect with our Commercial Projects team or email your plans to



Further information


Click to see Rectangle smart lock

Click to see Radius smart lock



Need more help?


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team at 03 95801630 or at 

For Builders, you can connect with our Commercial Projects team at 



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