Digital locks for smart homes

11th April 2022

Smart locks for smart homes


Introducing two stunning new digital locks for Australian homes. Australian owned and designed, Lemaar has introduced two exciting new electronic door locks to meet the rising demand for smart electronic door handles. 

Smart lock Lemaar multiple functions

A great option for smart homes

smart lock

smart lock

smart lock


Multi function smart lock


This new smart lock range not only has style but is also packed with smart home functions to make your life and functionality easy. The Lemaar Rectangle and Radius smart locks both have the following smart home functions


Entry functions

1. Keypad entry

2. Finger print entry

3. FOB key entry

4. Manual key override

5. Remote unlocking

multi function smart lock


Other functions

1. Message display

2. Wi-fi connectivity

3. Able to be operated independently from other smart home platforms

4. Premium stainless steel mortice lock


digital lock features and functions


Smart lock specifications

smart lock specifications

smart lock


smart lock


Superior stainless steel mortice

For additional strength and security, the Rectangle and Radius smart locks include a superior stainless steel mortice.


 smart lock

smart lock


With two styling options, these two new smart locks offer stunning design elements to lift the look of your smart home.

smart lock stylish

stylish smart lock



Designed in Australia by Lemaar's team of door hardware specialists, the Rectangle and Radius smart locks have been designed for straight forward installation. You can follow the installation steps with the Installation sheet provided in the product box or on the product page at this link.



Both smart locks come with a strong warranty, you can see these details by clicking this link.


Complete solution - matching interior and exterior door handles.

Lemaar offers a complete solution across many door handle styles and colours. And we continue this option with these two new digital locks, so you can achieve the same door handle colour and design style right across your home.


Rectangle smart lock - can be paired with the Palma door handle range


smart lock

smart lock

smart lock

smart lock


Radius smart lock - can be paired with the Orba door handle range


smart lock

smart lock

smart lock

smart lock


More information on smart locks

If you're looking for more ideas and information on Lemaar's smart lock range, click the following links

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