Introducing the Lemaar Black Rectangle Latch Smart Lock: Revolutionising Home Security

10th June 2024

Experience Ultimate Security with the Lemaar Black Rectangle Latch Smart Lock

The Lemaar Black Rectangle Latch Smart Lock is the latest innovation in home security, offering unparalleled convenience and robust protection. With its sleek design and advanced technology, this smart lock is set to transform the way you secure your home. Available now at all Bunnings stores across Australia, this smart lock combines cutting-edge features with user-friendly operation, ensuring peace of mind for every homeowner. 

This new product is designed to meet the demands of modern living, where security, convenience, and style are paramount. Whether you're upgrading your home security system or building a new home, the Lemaar Smart Lock provides a sophisticated solution that integrates seamlessly into any lifestyle.

Advanced Entry Functions for Ultimate Convenience

This smart lock boasts five versatile entry functions designed to cater to your security needs:

  • Fingerprint Access: Unlock your door swiftly and securely with the touch of your finger. The advanced fingerprint sensor can store multiple fingerprints, allowing trusted family members and friends access without the need for keys. This feature is especially beneficial for busy households, ensuring that everyone can gain access quickly without the hassle of managing multiple keys.

Fingerprint access also enhances security by ensuring that only registered users can unlock the door, preventing unauthorized entry. This technology is a testament to the evolution of home security, providing a futuristic and reliable way to protect your home.

  • FOB Key: For those who prefer traditional methods, the smart lock includes a FOB key. Simply tap the FOB key to the lock for quick and easy access. This method is particularly useful for children or elderly family members who might find it challenging to remember pin codes or use a smartphone. 

The FOB key offers a straightforward and reliable way to unlock the door, ensuring that everyone in the household can easily operate the lock. This feature combines the familiarity of traditional keys with the advantages of smart technology, offering a balanced solution for all users.

  • Pin Code: Create a unique 6-digit pin code for an additional layer of security. This feature is perfect for guests or temporary access, as codes can be easily updated or removed as needed. Imagine hosting a house sitter or having a friend check on your pets while you’re away; the pin code entry ensures they can gain access without the need for physical keys. 

Plus, you can change the code after their visit to maintain security. This flexibility makes the Lemaar Smart Lock an ideal choice for families, roommates, and anyone who needs to manage multiple users.

  • Remote Unlocking via Grid Connect App: Control your lock remotely using the Grid Connect App. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or simply away from home, you can unlock your door for visitors, monitor access, and receive notifications directly from your smartphone. This feature adds a significant level of convenience, allowing you to manage your home security from anywhere in the world. 

You can also check the lock status and activity logs to see who has entered your home and when providing peace of mind and complete control over your home's security. This remote functionality integrates seamlessly with modern lifestyles, ensuring that you are always connected to your home.

  • Manual Key Access: In the rare event of a battery failure, the Lemaar Smart Lock can be manually unlocked using one of the two provided keys. The lock also features a low battery warning to ensure you are never caught off guard. This dual functionality ensures that you are never locked out of your home, combining the reliability of a traditional lock with the advanced features of a smart lock. The low battery warning system is a crucial feature, giving you ample time to replace the batteries and maintain the lock's functionality. This ensures continuous security and operation, even in unforeseen circumstances.

Independence and Compatibility in One Smart Lock

The Lemaar Black Rectangle Latch Smart Lock is designed to provide maximum flexibility:

Independent Operation: The smart lock can function independently of any smart home platform, making it a versatile choice for all homeowners. This means that even if you don’t have a full smart home setup, you can still enjoy the benefits of advanced security features. 

The lock’s standalone functionality ensures that it can be used in any home, regardless of the existing technology infrastructure. This independence makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from tech enthusiasts to those new to smart home technology.

No WiFi Required: Enjoy the benefits of a smart lock without the need for a constant WiFi connection. This feature ensures that your lock remains operational even during internet outages. In areas with unreliable internet service or for users who prefer not to connect their security devices to the internet, this smart lock provides a reliable solution. 

You can rest assured that your home remains secure at all times, regardless of your internet connectivity. This feature highlights the lock's resilience and reliability, crucial for maintaining security in all circumstances.

Grid Connect Smart Home Integration: For those who prefer a connected home, the Lemaar Smart Lock is fully compatible with the Grid Connect smart home automation platform. Seamlessly integrate your lock with other smart devices for a cohesive and automated home security system. This compatibility allows you to create customized automation routines, such as locking the door automatically at night or when you leave the house, enhancing both convenience and security. 

The Grid Connect platform also enables integration with other smart home devices, such as lights, cameras, and alarms, providing a comprehensive security solution. This makes the Lemaar Smart Lock an essential component of a modern, connected home.

Uncompromised Security and Durability

Security is a top priority for this smart lock:

  • High-Security Dead Latch: The lock features a robust dead latch mechanism, providing enhanced protection against forced entry. The dead latch ensures that the door cannot be easily pried open, offering superior resistance to break-ins. This feature is particularly important for exterior doors, where security is paramount. The robust construction of the dead latch ensures long-lasting durability, making it a reliable choice for any home.
  • 6-Pin C4 Keyway: The high-security 6-pin C4 keyway design makes it significantly more challenging for intruders to pick the lock, ensuring your home remains secure at all times. The complexity of the keyway provides an additional layer of defense, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to tamper with the lock. 

Combined with the other security features, the 6-pin C4 keyway ensures that the Lemaar Smart Lock offers top-notch protection for your home. This advanced keyway design is a testament to Lemaar's commitment to providing the highest level of security.

Enhance Your Home Security with Lemaar

The Lemaar Black Rectangle Latch Smart Lock with its key features and benefits, appeals to both tech-savvy consumers and those seeking reliable and straightforward home security solutions. Its multiple entry functions, independence from smart home platforms, and compatibility with the Grid Connect app make it an ideal choice for any homeowner. Don’t compromise on security—upgrade to the Lemaar Smart Lock today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with advanced home protection.

The Lemaar Black Rectangle Latch Smart Lock is conveniently available at all Bunnings stores nationwide. Visit your nearest Bunnings to explore the features of this innovative smart lock and take a step towards enhanced home security.

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