Marine grade 316 stainless steel door hardware for coastal homes

18th August 2021

Door handles for homes by the sea

It's often said, more than 80% percent of Australians lives by the water. And if that water happens to be salt rather than fresh, then the corrosiveness of salt air influences many decisions when building or renovating a home.


Corrosiveness of salt air

According to when oxygen, salt or sodium chloride, and moisture are combined it becomes more damaging to metal than rust.

This combination or oxidisation caused corrosion. Corrosion is the deterioration of metal.

Saltwater corrodes metal five times quicker than fresh water, and salty air when combined with humidity corrodes metal 10 times faster than typical levels of humidity.

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What makes 316 stainless steel marine grade?

Stainless steel provides superior corrosion resistance, durability and a stylish finish, and is the best choice for coastal areas with salt air.

Marine grade door handles are essential for long lasting use in homes near salt water coastal areas. Typical door hardware is not suitable for these areas, as the most common construction material is nickel, which will corrode over time.


What's the difference between 304 and 316 marine grade stainless steel?

There is a distinct difference between 304 and 316 marine grade stainless steel, which includes the amount of molybdenum in the metal.


316 stainless steel

When 316 stainless steel is produced, molybdenum is added and chromium is reduced to improve the metals' resistance to chlorides and acids present in salt air. With a higher amount of molybdenum, 316 stainless steel has superior salt air durability than 304 stainless steel.


304 stainless steel

304 stainless steel includes chromium, which offers some anti-corrosive properties. However, 304 stainless steel is still susceptible to deterioration due to salt air, therefore marine grade 316 stainless steel is the superior choice.



316 stainless steel door hardware

To achieve a long lasting choice for door hardware that will be exposed to the sea air, exterior door handles should be 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Lemaar offers two 316 stainless steel exterior door handles with lock, for front doors, which are both marine grade for coastal environments.


Haro range - DDA compliant, fire rated and 316 marine grade door handles

The Haro offers an entire range that is DDA compliant, marine grade and fire rated (except the Haro Dummy lever).

This versatility will appeal to commercial builders and applications such as commercial projects, NDIS projects, aged care, education and government projects.

Haro, privacy door handle

Haro, privacy door handle

Haro Entrance set - DDA compliant, marine grade 316 stainless steel, fire rated

Haro Entrance set - DDA compliant, marine grade 316 stainless steel, fire rated



The Silla entrance set

The Silla range of door handles is a versatile choice, offering a straight forward design, the wide appeal of a satin finish, a strong C4 6 pin cylinder for security assurance, plus the durability of 316 stainless steel. If you want confidence in your choice of exterior door handles, then the Silla front door handle is a smart choice. To help you get the same look throughout your home the Silla range is available as a complete solution, with matching entrance, passage and privacy door handles.


The Lena entrance set

A modern style with square backplate and handle design, and a beautiful satin finish, the Lena entrance set door handle is a great choice for homes near the sea and exposed to salt air. The Lean range includes matching interior door handles also, so you can achieve a consistent design with door hardware throughout your home.


Do I need 316 marine grade door handles inside my home?

No. Unless your home has an always-open design. 304 stainless steel door hardware still has some anti corrosive properties, therefore a suitable choice for interior door handles for homes near the coast.

The good news is that Lemaar's complete solution of matching front door and interior door handles with the Lena and Silla ranges, includes 304 stainless steel interior door handles. So you can get the same door handle design and finish from your front door to your passage and privacy door handles.



How to choose 316 marine grade door hardware

If you need 316 marine grade front door handles, Lemaar offers two great options, and both include matching interior passage and privacy door handles. You should also choose a brand that is trusted and backed up with a strong warranty.


Silla complete solution of matching exterior and interior door handles

A straight forward design, with a durable satin finish, the Silla range will suit many home design and styling themes, inside and out. The complete solution of matching front door and interior door handles let's you achieve a consistent design throughout. Lemaar makes it easy to choose door hardware that matches from the front door, with matching interior door handles throughout your home.


Lena complete solution of matching exterior and interior door handles

Minimalist and versatile, the Lena range is a great choice for modern home styles, and will suit many other styling themes. The Lena entrance set is constructed with 316 marine grade stainless steel, therefore suitable for front door or exterior door handles. Interior door handles in the Lena range are made from 304 stainless steel, offering the same satin finish with some anti-corrosive properties.

316 stainless steel door pull

Matching satin stainless steel door handles with a door pull with the same finish is easy. This rectangle design, 316 marine grade door pull, has a satin stainless steel finish, and will match the Lena door handle range especially, and also the Silla range. 450mm long and 25mm thick, this door pull is durable enough to choose as an exterior handle, and is easy to install yourself.



Matching stainless steel door hardware with other fixtures

If you're looking for a consistent satin stainless steel look throughout your home, consider this group of door hardware products.


Inside your home: Matching 304 stainless steel door hardware with other stainless steel fixtures


304 stainless steel knobset, with C5 6 pin cylinder for added strength and security

304 stainless steel flush pull - 120 x 40mm radius oval flush pull

304 stainless steel flush pulls - 120 x 40mm rectangle oval flush pull

304 stainless steel, 50mm round flush pull, satin finish


304 stainless steel cavity pull, satin finish


304 stainless steel escutcheon, 53mm round turn button, satin finish


Stainless steel hinges - this is not 304 stainless steel, but the same satin finish

Satin stainless steel, Herline Hinge

304 stainless steel push plates for commercial buildings


304 stainless steel rollerbolt mortice, 60mm euro cylinder


Installing door handles


Is it easy to install 316 marine grade door handles?

Well, yes! Installing marine grade stainless steel door handles takes the same process as installing door handles manufactured from other materials such as zinc.


Can DIYers install 304 marine grade interior door handles?

Yes! Marine grade door hardware has the same internal design elements, however with a more durable anti corrosive material. Lemaar is Australian owned, and we design all our door handles and hardware here in Australia, for Australian conditions.

To see an example of installation instructions, visit Silla passage handle set, then click the 'Installation Sheet' button.



How to maintain marine grade stainless steel door hardware

It's easy to maintain your door hardware, even door handles exposed to the elements and corrosive salt air.

How to care and maintain door furniture finishes

To maintain door handles, each individual piece of door hardware should be wiped with a soft damp cloth that's been soaked in cold water. Then, dry off with a soft dry cloth. We recommend external door handles in seaside areas should be maintained this way every 3 to 6 months.

Visit our Maintenance page for recommendations.


Lemaar's range of marine grade stainless steel door hardware

We hope our range of satin stainless steel door hardware makes it easy to get the same look across your new home or renovation. We aim to make it easy to choose and to get the look your after.


Lemaar also offers a great range of door pulls constructed with 316 stainless steel, that includes satin stainless steel finishes, plus chrome, white and black finishes.


Where to buy Lemaar stainless steel door handles

Buying from a store

The best way to buy Lemaar door hardware is to build a 'Wishlist' here (Lemaar website), and then visit your nearest Bunnings.


Buying online

Or, click the 'BUY NOW' button on a Lemaar product page, this will link you through to Bunnings, where you can buy online.



316 stainless steel door handle range warranty

Lemaar offers a strong warranty across our entire range. Our marine grade door hardware is also supported with a strong warranty.


Marine grade door handle warranty

Lemaar's warranty for 316 marine grade door hardware that is installed on exteriors of buildings located in costal areas, is 5 years from the sale date. For 316 marine grade products installed within home interiors, this warranty extends to 12 years.

Click this link to review our warranty on door hardware.



Marine grade door hardware range

To browse the range of our marine grade and stainless steel door hardware click this link.  


Product Links to Bunnings Page

Lemaar Satin Stainless Steel Silla Entrance Set


Lemaar Satin Stainless Steel Lena Lever Entrance Set


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