Lemaar's Gun Grey Metal Finish and Australia's Top 10 Interior Styles

07th November 2023

Australian homes embrace interiors and furnishings that effortlessly combine both comfort and adaptability. This design approach is characterised by its capacity to seamlessly incorporate simple, straightforward, aesthetically pleasing elements that all work together as one interior theme.

In design, door handles and hardware work quietly and should compliment the interior design theme. Door handles and hardware are the perfect way to add the finishing touch to a home interior, tying together the whole design and creating a unified style. They can also be used to add a personal touch and to make a statement about the homeowner’s unique style. 

Let's explore the top ten popular Australian interior home styles, uncover the reasons for their appeal, and discover how Gun Grey Metal finish complements each one.  

Gun Grey Metal Door Handle and Door Hardware

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Collection

1. Coastal Chic

Steven Ungermann, Unsplash

Background: Coastal Chic style draws inspiration from the stunning Australian coastline, where the merging of sunlit sands and the tranquil ocean sets the tone. This style echoes the natural color palette found on the beach, incorporating sandy neutrals, soft blues, and touches of green to emulate the seascape's serenity.

Why It's Popular: Australians' profound connection to their coastal surroundings drives the popularity of Coastal Chic. The style encapsulates the relaxed lifestyle and breezy atmosphere, creating interiors that offer an escape from the everyday. With its soothing tones and organic textures, Coastal Chic reflects a love for the sea and embodies the coastal living experience.

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: The Gun Grey Metal finish, with its subdued shine, mirrors sea-worn rocks and driftwood, flawlessly blending with the coastal palette and adding a touch of modern elegance

2. Industrial Loft

Background: Inspired by urban renewal, Industrial Loft design transforms former industrial spaces into chic homes. Exposed brick walls, weathered metals, and utilitarian aesthetics capture the raw charm of warehouses, while large windows invite ample natural light to echo the openness of loft living.

Why It's Popular: Australians are drawn to the gritty yet refined nature of Industrial Loft design. This style's reimagining of historical spaces aligns with the country's evolving urban landscape. The marriage of reclaimed elements and contemporary comforts appeals to those who appreciate a balance between industrial heritage and modern living.

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: The brushed appearance and dark undertones of the Gun Grey Metal finish complement the raw aesthetic of exposed brick and aged wood in industrial spaces.

3. Hamptons-Inspired

timothy buck hampton inspired
Timothy Buck, Unsplash

Background: Hamptons-inspired style derives its essence from the luxurious coastal homes of New York's Hamptons region. Characterized by a serene palette of whites, creams, and natural tones, this style evokes the elegance of beachside living while incorporating plush furnishings and timeless accessories.

Why It's Popular: Australians love the Hamptons' blend of elegance and coziness. This style provides a retreat from the urban hustle with its calming palette and relaxed ambiance. The Hamptons-Inspired style echoes Australians' appreciation for laid-back luxury and effortless refinement.

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: Infusing a touch of modernity, Lemaar's Gun Grey Metal finish adds a contemporary twist. Its sleek lines and subtle gleam complement the Hamptons style's elegance while preserving its welcoming and unpretentious ambiance.

4. Outback Rustic

Background: Outback Rustic design draws inspiration from Australia's interior landscapes, with earthy tones, rugged textures, and indigenous motifs. This style pays homage to the country's cultural heritage, capturing the essence of the vast and untamed outback.

Why It's Popular: Australians cherish their connection to the land and indigenous culture. Outback Rustic style embodies warmth and inclusivity, offering a comforting retreat from the outside world. Its homage to the indigenous heritage resonates deeply with Australians, making it a popular choice.

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: The Gun Grey Metal finish's bold presence resonates with the untamed spirit of the outback, presenting a contemporary twist to this rustic style and infusing modern flair into rugged beauty.

5. Modern Minimalism

Background: Modern Minimalism embraces the "less is more" philosophy, emphasizing clean lines, functional spaces, and a limited color palette. This style seeks to create serene environments that provide clarity and focus.

Why It's Popular: Australians are increasingly adopting minimalist lifestyles to counter the chaos of modern living. The simplicity and calmness of Modern Minimalism align with the country's desire for a balanced and tranquil environment.

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: With its sleek design, the Gun Grey Metal finish seamlessly aligns with Modern Minimalism, adding sophistication without overwhelming the space.

6. Urban Contemporary

Background: Urban Contemporary design encapsulates the spirit of city living, showcasing bold aesthetics, sleek surfaces, and cutting-edge materials. This style reflects the dynamism and energy of urban environments.

Why It's Popular: Australians resonate with the urban energy and diversity of city life. Urban Contemporary style captures their desire for cosmopolitan living, offering interiors that mirror the vibrancy of modern cities while maintaining functionality and style.

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: The Gun Grey Metal finish's modern appeal and muted shine harmonise with the contemporary materials and bold accents of this style.

7. Farmhouse Charm

Background: Farmhouse Charm style encapsulates the warmth and nostalgia of rural living, drawing inspiration from traditional farmhouses. Weathered wood, vintage-inspired decor, and neutral color palettes create a cozy and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of simpler times.

Why It's Popular: Australians are seeking a retreat from the fast-paced world, making Farmhouse Charm a favorite. This style's emphasis on comfort and familiarity resonates with those who long for a timeless and welcoming home environment. By blending rustic aesthetics with modern comforts, Farmhouse Charm offers a balanced and inviting space. 

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: The Gun Grey Metal finish adds a dash of contemporary sophistication, effortlessly balancing rustic charm with modern elegance, exemplifying the merging of two worlds.

8. Indigenous-Inspired

indigenous inspired


Background: Indigenous-inspired design pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal Australians, incorporating earthy tones, native artwork, and symbolic patterns that hold deep significance. It seeks to honor the country's indigenous roots and connection to the land.

Why It's Popular: Australians hold deep respect for their indigenous culture and its enduring connection to the land. Indigenous-inspired design allows them to express this respect within their homes, fostering a sense of unity and reverence for the country's cultural legacy. This style resonates with those seeking to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: The Gun Grey Metal finish's unique color can mirror the significance of indigenous art and harmonize with earthy tones.

9. Bohemian Eclectic

Background: Bohemian Eclectic style celebrates self-expression and individuality through a kaleidoscope of patterns, textures, and global influences. It creates a visually rich and harmonious environment that reflects a free-spirited and creative mindset.

Why It's Popular: Australians value authenticity and personal expression, making Bohemian Eclectic a favored choice. This style resonates with those seeking to curate spaces that tell a unique story, blending elements from different cultures and eras to create an eclectic yet harmonious aesthetic.
Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: The Gun Grey Metal Finish seamlessly integrates into Bohemian Eclectic spaces, offering a modern touch that complements the diverse elements of the style. The cool, muted tones of the finish enhance the overall visual appeal, creating a balanced and sophisticated look. 

10. Mid-Century Modern

Background: Mid-Century Modern design draws inspiration from the mid-20th century, characterized by clean lines, organic forms, and a touch of retro flair. This style captures the optimism and innovation of that era.

Why It's Popular: Australians are drawn to the timeless allure of Mid-Century Modern design. Its blend of nostalgia and contemporary elegance creates spaces that are both familiar and sophisticated, reflecting a desire for design that stands the test of time. The style's fusion of form and function resonates with those seeking a balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Lemaar Gun Grey Metal Finish: The Gun Grey Metal Finish effortlessly enhances Mid-Century Modern spaces with its subdued yet elegant tone.  It adds a contemporary twist without compromising the retro flair, resulting in a harmonious and enduring aesthetic.


Australian interior design pays great attention to small details, such as door handles and hardware. Lemaar's Gun Grey Metal finish offers a touch of sophistication that blends seamlessly with variety of styles. Whether you prefer Coastal Chic, Industrial Loft, or the timeless Hamptons-Inspired look, the Gun Grey Metal finish adds a modern touch while preserving the unique charm of each style. Choosing this option allows you to combine style and practicality, capturing the essence of Australian design in your home in a subtle yet elegant manner.


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