Introducing the Belize door handle range by Lemaar

05th May 2021

If you’re looking for the latest trends in door handles, and a round backplate, then consider the new satin stainless steel Belize range by Lemaar, available as a complete solution so you can match the handle design and finish throughout your home.

Selecting the right door handle for your new home or project is crucial to ensure it matches your planned interior design theme. Lemaar is Australian-owned and we design door hardware to suit Australian homes.


With a stunning, satin stainless steel finish, the Belize range has been designed and introduced to fit the emerging stainless steel trend of 2021.

Belize, passage door handle, satin stainless steel finish 


Construction material

Most door furniture is made from nickel, however, the Belize range is manufactured with solid 304 stainless steel. You will notice the weight of the 304 stainless steel handle which immediately gives a premium and solid feeling of quality, a clear demonstration of Lemaar’s artistry in door furniture.

Tips to consider in choosing Door Handle


Consider the overall design or theme of the room or space the handles will be installed. Also, the type of door design should be given attention as well. The narrow rosette and flat handle of Belize have been designed specifically for Australian homes to suit either modern or classic themes.

Colours or finishes

Belize is available in satin stainless steel and brushed brass, with matching hinges and door stops, offering a complete solution so you can get the same look right across your home. Maintaining the finish of Lemaar door handles is easy, see our maintenance page at this link for more information.


Lemaar door handles have been designed for easy installation. Checkout the installation sheet within the box or at the product page at and follow the steps.


Here at Lemaar, quality is a top priority. Our range of door hardware is covered with a market leading warranty. Click this link for more information. 


So if you’re about to choose door hardware or planning your project take some time to review the Belize range to achieve a complete solution across your home. See the links below for more product information.


Click this link to see the Belize satin stainless steel

Belize satin stainless steel  



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