How to add finishing touches to 10 popular decorating styles

08th July 2021

Decor styles and door handles


Your home is a place where you want to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Styling is an individual decision and will depend on many things such as your personal situation and stage of life. Careful attention to detail is important in creating a cohesive, stylish and comfortable home. Choosing your door handles and hardware should be as deliberate as selecting that perfect sofa.


How can I decide which door handles and hardware to choose?


The following ideas are provided for ten popular decorating styles in Australia. We have suggested complete solutions for door handle and hardware for each style. Some solutions apply to multiple decorating styles, while other solutions are particularly suited to specific styles. There are many alternatives and possibilities in the Lemaar range of products - you are limited only by your imagination. Check our website for a comprehensive range of front door handles, interior door handles and door hardware products to suit your own design requirements.


Styling Traditional


Traditional design style draws on a wide range of decorating styles, based on European aesthetics, offering classic details, plush furnishings and luxe accessories. Dark polished wood, rich colour palettes and a variety of textures and curved lines characterise this décor style. Symmetry is important so home furnishing often includes matching tables, lamps and mirrors. Think fabrics like velvet, silk and brocade that may include a variety of patterns and textures, skirted furniture, classic pieces such as Chesterfields and Louis chairs, elegant wallpapers, statement lighting, period paintings, antiques, curated vignettes, oriental rugs, chandeliers and architectural details such as French doors, architraves and ceiling roses.  

If this is the look you want to create, then explore our collections including the Avila range that offers you a complete solution of matching entrance, passage and privacy door handles which will achieve that elegant and comforting  ambience that you want for your home.


door handle

Image: Matt Briney @mbriney



Door hardware to suit traditional styling


The curved lines of the Avila range of door handles and hardware in satin chrome and chrome plate, including a privacy set, complement the architecture and décor typical of traditional styling.



Styling Contemporary


Contemporary design is constantly changing. Unlike other decorating styles that may be well defined, what might be ‘in’ today as a contemporary look may be ‘out’ tomorrow. Think about different trends over time, from the use of curved lines, neutral colours and minimalism to a focus on indoor-outdoor living...what will your needs be in 5 years…10 years…20 years? Use of black and bold colours can transform the look of a home to provide different moods over time. Sliding doors enable flexible use of open spaces and allow people to adapt to changing tastes or the need for different functions.

If you want to maintain, or create, a contemporary look to your home, then explore our collections including the Altro and Orba range that offers you a complete solution of satin chrome and black door handles and hardware, and the Lemaar 120 x 40mm Radius Oval Flush Pull for sliding doors, to achieve flexibility in meeting your changing future décor options.



Modern decor

R ARCHITECTURE @rarchitecture_melbourne


Door hardware to suit modern styling and decor



Orba, passage door handle, satin chrome

Orba, privacy door handle, black

Flush pulls for sliding doors can be used when organising – and re-organising -spaces. The Lemaar 120 x 40mm Radius Oval Flush Pull is ideal for use on internal sliding cavity doors and is available in black, polished stainless steel and satin stainless steel.




Styling Coastal


Coastal theme

Tina Witherspoon

Coastal styling in homes is not just reserved for those
fortunate enough to live by the sea. Whilst over 85% of Australians live
within 50 km of the coast, the trend includes anyone seeking a natural,
indoor-outdoor relaxed feeling in their home. Think fresh white walls, wicker furniture, breezy fabrics, reclaimed timbers and natural textures.  
If this is the look you want to create, then explore our collections including
the Almeri range that offers you a complete solution of white door handles
and hardware that will achieve that soft beachy vibe that you want for your home.



Door handles to suit coastal interior design


The Almeri white and brushed brass door hardware range is becoming
very popular in 2021, and we see this trend growing into 2022. White
and brushed brass door handles suit coastal style homes. The Almeri
range comes as a complete solution with front door, passage and privacy
door handles, so you can get the same style across your home.







Styling Hamptons


Hamptons style homes are usually light-filled, bright and whitewashed with a sophisticated yet beachy vibe that feels both effortless and calming comfort with a touch of luxury. Many Australian homes have adopted and adapted this open-plan, breezy house style which originated on the east coast of Long Island in the USA.  Base colours are pure white, off-white or white-on-white combinations. The classic look is cream with black accents, or all black with white or metallic accents, paired with natural materials for warmth. Shades of blue check and stripe patterns are also seen in this decorating style. Think comfortable, overstuffed, luxe white sofas, buttoned cushions, linen throws, jute rugs, driftwood, large indoor plants and cobalt blue accents. If this is the look you want to create, then explore our collections including the Orba or Almeri ranges that offer you a complete solution of black, satin chrome or brushed brass door handles and hardware to achieve that natural but sophisticated design you want for your home.



Hamptons interior decor

Douglass Sheppard @candjstudios


The Orba range of door handles in either black or satin chrome suit Hamptons styling.

The satin chrome and black electroplate finishes of the Orba range provide high quality, durable finishes that you can feel, echoing the sophistication of the Hamptons decorating style.

Styling Scandinavian


Scandinavian (or Scandi) design is a combination of function and style. This minimalist décor style is based on the concept of hygge, a Danish word which loosely means cosiness, so it is all about no-fuss comfort, utility, clean lines and muted palettes with pops of colour. Textures and soft hues are blended to make sleek, modern décor feel warm and inviting. Think all-white colour palettes, organic patterns, natural elements like warm woods and greenery, functional furniture, uncluttered surfaces and smart, designer touches.

If this is the look you want to create, then explore our collections including the Javea and the fire-rated compliant Lorca ranges that offer you a complete solution of black or satin chrome door handles and hardware to achieve that simple but comfortable and welcoming design you want for your home.

Brina Blum @brina_blum

Available in a black electroplated black finish, the Javea range with square rosette provides a design aesthetic that aligns with Scandinavian décor.

Javea black door handle range

Javea black door handle range



The fire-rating compliant Lorca range provides a round rosette and rounded handle as an option for Scandinavian décor.



Styling Industrial

Ramona Balaban @ramonabib

Industrial style is largely influenced by the lofty look and feel of factories and warehouses. Neutral palettes that consist of greys, black and white may be softened by colourful artworks. It’s an urban look with an edge – sustainable design celebrating large spaces, raw textures, exposed architectural elements and metal fixtures and finishes. Think stripped timber floorboards or polished concrete floors, layers of chipped paint, metal pipes and beams, ducts, industrial lighting fixtures and exposed brick walls as well as salvaged and recycled materials. 

If this is the look you want to create, then explore our collections including the Lemaar square 600mm x 30mm back-to-back, stainless steel door pull and the Calida range that offers you a complete solution of stainless steel or black door handles and hardware to achieve that fuss-free, rugged, edgy style you want for your home.


Styling Minimalist


Minimalist decor centres on living that is neat, organised and clutter-free, accentuating the attractive features of a space, whether inside or outside. Everything has a purpose and good storage provides a practical way to achieve a minimalist look. Furnishings are simple and streamlined, and nothing is excessive or flashy in accessories or décor so that the focus is on essentials and items of personal value. Colours are mostly monochromatic, neutral and airy, and colour is used as an accent. Think ultra-clean lines, open spaces, uncomplicated shapes and cleared surfaces, with colours and textures harmonising to convey character.

If this is the look you want to create, then explore our collections including the Girona range that offers you a complete solution of chrome plate and satin chrome handles and hardware to achieve that timeless, soothing space you want for your home.

Jorge de Jorge

The slim, uncomplicated but functional lines of the Girona range do not take the eye away from the essential elements and focus of a minimalist décor.

Girona satin chrome passage door handle


Girona chrome plate privacy door handle


Check out this video, Girona is chrome installed at this stunning home in Melbourne, Australia.


Chrome plate, Girona door handles, installed in this beautiful Melbourne home



Styling French Provincial

Francesca Tosolini @fromitaly


French provincial decorating uses soft and chalky whites, refined
details and rustic textures to create a balance between shabby and
chic. This reflects its origins in the luxurious and ornate
craftsmanship found in the French castles which later merged with
the laid back, homely and unassuming style found in the surrounding
villages. Typically, furniture tells a story rather than matching
exactly and décor includes baskets, porcelain dinnerware and greenery.
Think matte finishes through white-washed surfaces, rustic timbers and
natural stone, architectural details such as curved legs, shutters and
brass and wrought iron handles, and furniture such as antique dressers,
farmhouse style tables with ladder back chairs and comfortable linen
upholstered sofas.

If this is the look you want to create, then explore our collections
including the Almeri range that offers you a complete solution of white
or brushed brass door handles and hardware, or the Avila range in satin
chrome, that will achieve that subtle yet elegant look that you want
for your home.



Avila passage door handle, chrome plate





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Complete solutions of matching

front door, and interior door handles

Orba complete solution


Bunnings, Lemaar Orba front door handle


Bunnings, Lemaar Orba passage door handle




Bunnings, Lemaar Orba privacy door handle




Almeri complete solution

Bunnings, Lemaar Almeri white door handle



Bunnings, Lemaar Almeri white door handle


Bunnings, Lemaar Almeri white door handle







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