Indicator Bolts

20th July 2022

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Mortice             Surface Mount               


Surface mount and mortice indicator bolts are installed on bathroom doors for easy locking from the inside, whilst indicating on the outside if the bathroom is vacant or occupied. Lemaar's range of indicator bolts are DDA compliant, and these include surface mount indicator bolts and mortice indicator bolts with mortice installed in the door cavity.


Mortice Indicator Bolts

With a mortice that's installed into the door cavity, mortice indicator bolts are DDA compliant and provide a strong and secure solution. Available in black and satin chrome, these indicator bolts are easy to install and match Lemaar's complete solution in door hardware with a wide range of door handles and door hardware products.


mortice indicator bolt dda

Satin chrome finish 

mortice indicator bolt dda




Surface Mount Indicator Bolts


Surface mount indicator bolts do not have a mortice for the door cavity, and are fixed to door or sliding doors on the door surface. Also DDA compliant, this range of indicator bolts are available in satin chrome and chrome plate.


Surface mount indicator bolt satin chrome

Surface mount indicator bolt chrome plate


Satin chrome indicator bolt

Satin chrome indicator bolt



DDA compliant indicator bolts


The 1992 Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) ensures that door hardware provides equitable access for those with disabilities. Equal access applies to buildings and premises. Door hardware is a key element to this access. All indicator bolts in Lemaar's range are DDA compliant, and compliment our entire DDA compliant door hardware range.



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