Need to replace rusted door handles?

19th August 2021

Looking for marine grade hardware?

Elwood, Melbourne, rusted metal
Elwood beach, Melbourne, rusted metal

Do you live near the coast, and need to replace rusted metal fittings, like door handles?


Solution: door handles made to withstand coastal environments

Marine grade 316 stainless steel

Here's two great door handle solutions for coastal areas. Both constructed with, anti corrosive, 316 marine grade stainless steel. 316 stainless steel is the best choice for metal exposed to salty air. Marine grade door hardware is essential if you want to make the best choice, for durable, long lasting door handles that you can trust for performance and security.



Marine grade door hardware - 316 stainless steel

Only marine grade 316 stainless steel will give you the peace of mind with long lasting durability in coastal areas. When it comes to door hardware, if you need to replace old rusted external handles, if if you're building a new home or renovation, marine grade 316 stainless steel door hardware is the best choice.


Rusted door handles

Here are some examples of Melbourne bayside homes. Over time and constant exposure to sailty sea air, normal chrome or nickel based door handles corrode.

Rusted door handle, Albert Park, Melbourne

Rusted door handle, Albert Park, Melbourne

Albert Park, Melbourne home, rusted door hardware

Port Melbourne home, rusted door hardware

rusted door handle, replace with marine grade 316 stainless steel

Corrosion appearing on garage door handle, Middle Park   


How to choose the right door hardware in coastal locations marine grade door hardware  

Silla, stainless steel, marine grade 316

This design is quite generic, and suits many homes. Whatever the style of your home, the Silla front door handle is an option to consider if you live near the beach. With a beautiful lustre of satin stainless steel, this finish is contemporary also.

marine grade door hardware, front door handle 316 stainless steel

Silla, 316 marine grade entrance handle, satin stainless steel finish

Lena, marine grade 316 stainless steel

Modern design, square handle and square back plate, the Lena front door handle is a great choice for homes by the ocean, or in coastal suburbs.

stainless steel metal door handle 316 for coastal homes

The satin stainless steel finish of the Lena satin stainless steel front door handle can be matched with manty other satin stainless steel door handles and accessories in the Lemaar range. The breadth of choice allows you to choose a range of products that give you the same look throughout your home.


How to choose the right metal hardware and door handles for beach houses?

To help you choose the best door handles for beachside homes and for more information, click this link to read our article on 316 marine grade door hardware. 

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