DDA door handles and door hardware

28th March 2022

dda door handle


DDA compliant door handles and door hardware

Australian owned, Lemaar door hardware is designed in our Melbourne office to provide Builders and DIYers a wide range of fashionable door handles.


DDA door handles

Our range of DDA door handles offer a great range of colours and styles to suit many interior design themes. Door handle colours in this range include satin chrome and black.


dda door handle stainless steel


dda door handle range


dda door handle stainless steel


stainless steel dda door handle


black dda door handle


black dda door hardware


dda door handle features


satin chrome dda door handle


dda door handle satin chrome


Door hardware

Lemaar offers mortice indicator bolts, that are DDA compliant.


dda mortice indicator bolt


dda indicator bolt


chrome dda indicator bolt


satin chrome dda indicator bolt


indicator bolt dda


More information on DDA door hardware

If you're looking for more information regarding DDA door hardware, check out the below links


Gala DDA door handle 

DDA indicator bolt

DDA door hardware buying guide



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