Colour Psychology in Interior Design: Black

27th December 2021

Colours are believed to be linked to our feelings and emotions. Different hues, tones, and shades evoke specific feelings and perceptions (unconsciously), influencing judgments, decisions, and behaviour. Therefore, choosing colour schemes based on your personality and desires is paramount to guarantee you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in your home or workplace.

Aside from colours, furniture, decorative pieces, lights, fixtures and other elements, all play an important role in the psyche of living space. Let’s dive in one of the most popular and widely used colours, black.

Black - Neutral, Powerful, Sophisticated

Shade of black is the absence of colour. It is the go-to colour of all time in all aspects of life. Like in fashion, when you do not know what to wear you simply opt for black for a fail-safe choice. In interior design, black makes an excellent addition especially in the kitchen, living room, dining area and bathroom. It gives an effortlessly timeless appeal, elegant and powerful, that is ready to be enhanced with any accent colour. 

Black Wall Accent, Unsplash @avery klein

Black Modern Minimal Kitchen, Unsplash @Sven Brandsma

Scandinavian Inspired Bedroom, Unsplash @Scott Gummerson

Black Bathroom, Unsplash @Beazy

Why Choose Black?

  • Creates a dramatic effect
  • Gives a thoughtful, magical appeal when used for decor items and accessories
  • It goes with everything

Black is a very versatile colour, it can be harmoniously combined with absolutely all other colours.

To help you achieve an air of sophistication and elegance to your space without overdoing black, consider Lemaar door hardware. Our range of black door handles stands out on its own. 

Orba Entrance Set

Orba Privacy Set 

Orba Passage Set 

Orba Dummy Lever

Orba Security Set 

Lemaar door hardware is easy to install (it comes with an installation template) and backed up by a market-leading warranty

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Black colour, as unique as it may seem, can be gloomy, yet can fill your space with thoughtful luxury. You need not paint your entire space black, a simple accent like door handles or door hardware, or a magnificent background can help you achieve an incredible effect.

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