Why you should do some research into black door handles

24th May 2021

Matt black door handles are undoubtedly elegant and on trend in 2021. Matte black door handles suit modern themes, and when looking for the right handle there are pros and cons you need to consider.

Powder coat vs electroplated finish

Two of the most common methods for applying finish are powder coating and electroplating. The latter’s advantages are greater wear resistance, corrosion protection, hardness, and a more durable finish that can prevent key scratches. While in powder coating, door handles are basically covered with a durable type of paint. 


Lemaar recommends regular maintenance of door hardware to ensure a long lasting and durable finish. Check out our maintenance tips at this link to help you maximise the years and look of your black door handles.

Click here to  see some of Lemaar’s Black door handles 

Altro Passage Set Black

Altro Passage Set

Cadalso Passage Set Black

Cadalso Passage Set

Calida Passage Set Black

Calida Passage Set

You can also search by filtering Finish here > Products > Finish > Black


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