Trend Report: Door Pulls

02nd April 2021

Door pulls have become very popular with new house builds and renovations. The long, vertical design of door pulls give an architectural look to the entrance of your home and make a lasting impact. 

Suitable for front doors, plus also sliding doors, door pulls matched with a security deadbolt are a great way to secure your home with a stylish look.

Lemaar door pulls are designed in Australia and available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes.


Things to consider when deciding if a door pull is a right choice

Door pulls compliment tall entrance doors, and will add to the impact and presence of depth and height. When you think about the function of a door, a door pull suits a front door, and also sliding doors, making this type of handle a great way to add a stylish touch to a back sliding door.


Modern homes and renovations

If your future home or renovation has a modern look, then a door pull is a great choice of door handle design and functionality.


Design, colour and size

Lemaar door pulls are available in black and satin stainless steel, either round or square shape, in a variety of sizes from 350mm, 350mm and 600mm lengths. 



Lemaar door pulls are manufactured with quality 304 or 317 stainless steel, providing a durable material for external elements.


Lemaar D Pull handle Combination set, 304 stainless steel

Lemaar round D Pull handle, 316 stainless steel 

Lemaar rectangle D Pull handle, 304 stainless steel


To check out Lemaar’s range of D pull handles or door pulls, check out our range page at this link 

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