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14th July 2021

A beautifully designed, multi-function electronic door lock

Lemaar is an Australian owned door hardware business and we design all products in Australia to meet the demand for the latest door hardware trends. 

Beautiful, smart and functional

Australians are passionate about their homes, and we've designed a stylish range of smart door locks, with superior security and strength to keep your home secure and family safe. Lemaar electronic door locks have been designed for straightforward installation, no matter if you are a DIYer or tradesperson. 

Stunning, modern design

Beautiful curved design, with clean black lines, the Lemaar digital door lock range will make a statement at the entrance to your home.

digital lock rectangle smart lock range Lemaar


Complete Solution of matching interior door handles

The new Lemaar front door smart lock is another addition Lemaar's complete solution, with matching interior door handles in the Lemaar range. 

Achieve a complete solution of matching door handles across your home

Lemaar makes choosing door hardware easy with our 'Complete Solution' of matching entry, passage and privacy door handles.

Here is a suggestion to consider, or you can use our product filter at this link to sort and browse our range by colour and door lock type.

electronic door handle rectangle smart lock Lemaar

Lemaar Rectangle front door smart lock. Click this link for more information.

black door handle passage set Metz

Metz, black passage interior door handle


Browse Lemaar's range of black interior door handles to find a match

Click this link to see our range of black inside door handles to find a style to match the front door digital lock.


Superior strength electronic door lock with stainless steel mortice lock

For peace of mind, the new digital front door lock includes a superior stainless steel mortice lock to keep your home secure and family safe.

Multiple functions - front door digital lock

The Lemaar front door digital lock includes multiple functions for seamless use and integration within your current smart home platform. This smart lock integrates with platforms including the Grid Connect smart home platform. 

Smart lock entry functions

  • Keypad entry
  • Fingerprint entry
  • FOB near field entry with card (included in pack) 

Electronic lock multi functions

  • Smart home hub is not necessary as the Lemaar smart lock can operate independently
  • Integrates with Grid Connect front doorbell with camera
  • The keypad lights up when the door lock is opened or closed 
  • WiFi connectivity to your smart home hub
  • Integrates with Grid Connect smart home platform
  • Manual key entry override 

Door lock warranty

Backed up with a market leading warranty, the new smart lock range is durable and has a quality you can feel. 



Lemaar door hardware

Our complete solution in door hardware makes it easy to choose the same finish or colour across other door hardware categories. You can use the product filter to sort by colour and type. Lemaar is an Australian owned door hardware group and we design all door handles in Australia to meet Australian trends and demand for straight forward installation, quality and trends. Our range includes the latest colours and finishes including white and brushed brass door handles, plus fire rated, 316 marine grade stainless steel and DDA compliant door hardware. If you’re a builder you can email your plans to or email a query to our Commercial Projects team.


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