Smart Home Lock Updates for DIYers

16th March 2023

Security is one of the most important features of a DIY home. Smart locks are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their security, and as tech advances, these locks are getting more advanced than ever before. How do the new smart locks work, are they DIY-friendly, and what are their advantages? 

What's New in Smart Home Locks?

Smart locks have come a long way since their introduction. With recent updates, you can now unlock your door from anywhere by using a mobile app. 

Moreover, some models come with sensors that can detect when doors are opened and closed without you needing to manually check. All of these features make smart locks an attractive option for any DIYer looking to update their home's security system without having to pay an additional installation fee.

Lemaar’s New Smart Lock Range Integrates with Grid Connect Smart Home Platform

To control, customise, and automate your Grid Connect product, simply download the Grid Connect app for iOS or Android and connect to your Wi-Fi or a mobile internet connection through your home. In just a few minutes, you can set up your system using your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and you can customize your system however you like. Make your product run according to your schedule and enjoy peace of mind while you're away using the app.

Rectangle Smart Lock

Lemaar Smart Lock Range

Installing Smart Locks Yourself

One of the biggest advantages of getting a smart lock is that they're fairly easy to install yourself – even if you've never done any kind of home repair or door hardware upgrade before! Generally speaking, all you need is a screwdriver (or drill) and a little patience to get it up and running in no time.  Most will come with detailed instructions on how to properly install them. It's best practice however that if you do something wrong during the installation or if something doesn't work correctly once installed, don't hesitate to call in professional help as repairs could be costly if not done correctly.

Installation videos

To make DIY a little easier, Lemaar has produced two installation videos.

Installing Lemaar smart locks on a new door 

Retrofitting Lemaar smart locks on an existing door 

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Locks

Smart locks combine safety and security with aesthetics, ease of use, and countless features to make them an essential tool in any smart home. Moreover, it gives you greater control and visibility over your home's security, thus giving you peace of mind.

It also allows homeowners to set up access codes so they don’t have to worry about carrying around multiple keys or giving out copies unnecessarily - simply enter the code assigned by you when needed by family members or visitors alike!  Finally, they’re just plain cool – who wouldn’t want a lock that unlocks with the press of a button?

A modern smart lock is one of the best investments a DIYer can make in terms of upgrading their home's security without paying for expensive professional installation. From improved convenience factors such as remote unlocking capabilities and temporary access grants to reliable notifications that alert you when someone is entering or leaving your property, these devices offer an unbeatable combination of features that make them ideal for protecting any home from unwanted intrusions.

If you’re ready to improve the security of your home, then consider Lemaar door hardware. Lemaar is an Australian-owned door hardware company dedicated to providing quality, security, and fashionable door hardware. 

If you’re a Builder or if you feel that you require more advice when it comes to choosing door locks please contact our customer service team at 03 95801630 or at 

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