Our first brushed brass complete solution - The Almeri, by Lemaar

30th June 2021

The emerging trend in brushed brass fixings and door hardware


In 2020 Australian's were starting to incorporate brushed brass themes across new homes and renovations. Lemaar's team were also noticing brushed brass becoming bigger in Europe. So, we developed a complete solution in brushed brass, with matching front door handle and deadbolt, passage door handle and privacy door handle.


Complete solution in brushed brass door hardware

Matching entrance, passage and privacy door handles is what we call our 'complete solution'. Lemaar offers a complete solution across many different styles and colours. 

Here's the stunning Almeri door handle range, in brushed brass. The Almeri has a modern design with round rosette and flat front handle, and will suit homes with brushed brass and metal fixings and features.


Almeri brushed brass front door handle - entrance set

Feeling safe in your home is important, and the Almeri front door handle with strong C4 6 pin cylinder provides the assurance of a secure front door.

brushed brass front door handle

To provide extra strength on your front door, pair this Almeri entrance set with the brushed brass deadbolt below.

Brushed brass deadbolt 

deadbolt brushed brass Lemaar


Almeri interior door handle - passage set


inside door handle brushed brass


Almeri inside door handle - privacy set


brushed brass bathroom door lockable door handle privacy set

To view the brushed brass door hardware range, click this link, or go to the product page and use the filter.


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