Things to Consider When Choosing Black Door Handles

01st April 2021

Creating a beautiful home demands a lot of decisions - from flooring, decor, lighting up to finer details like door hardware. Although door handles can be overlooked, this finishing touch is instrumental in tying a house together. When choosing door hardware for your renovation or new home it is important to take a considered approach, to ensure you make the right decision. Your effort and investment will be with you for years.

Here are five things to consider to ensure you make the right choice and get the look you are after.

The Overall Look for your Home

To ensure your choice of new door handles makes sense, first you need to decide on the overall look across your home. Taking an interior design approach, think about the overall look, this could be classic or modern, or a mixture of styles with your own personal touch, with the colours and designs to fit.



Selecting the same colour for fittings across your home will bring a consistent and considered look. It’s a good idea to explore matching the colour of your door handles and tapware. Even window frames can be considered in this process. Across Europe, north America and Australia, black door handles have been ‘on-trend’ and interest in this finish continues to be very popular.

Having a black door handle gives your home a sleek and modern feel. Matte black finishes are strikingly sophisticated and have a direct tie to technology. Black door handle pairs well with a variety of colors, whether it’s a typical plain white or brown, it can enhance any door and will give a new and remarkable bold appeal. Lemaar offers a great range of black door handles that you can choose from.

A sample of Lemaar’s range of black door handles: click on images to see product page and our complete solution of matching privacy and entry handles.

Round or square rosette, and handle style or design

Door handles are available in many different styles. The Lemaar Calida is a classic square design. Whereas, the Lemaar Orba black is a modern design, with minimal round features. Once again, you can select a consistent style for door handles, matching tapware and kitchen or bathroom cupboard handles.

Orba, passage door handle, black. Click on the image to go to the product page at

Black door handles


New homes or renovations are an investment for many years. So, it’s important to choose a quality door handle brand, that will endure the test of time and multiple uses each day, especially entry and high traffic doors. Lemaar door hardware has a quality you can feel, and we’re proud to back up our products with a market-leading warranty.

Not only is the mechanical and build quality important. The colour of finish of the door handle needs to be considered. Lemaar’s black door handles have a durable specialised finish, with multiple layers of black, giving a hardwearing coating that will stand the test of time.


Australian’s love DIY. And Lemaar door handles have been designed for easy installation for DIYers and tradies. By installing yourself, you can save on your project budget. Each Lemaar door handle comes with an installation sheet in the box. Installation sheets are also available at product pages at and You can check out each installation sheet to see the steps and tools involved to decide if you want to take on installation yourself.

At Lemaar, we offer a wide variety of door hardware products so that you can get all your needed accessories in one place at your nearest Bunnings or buying online at

For more information on choosing door handles, visit this article, or use the product search filter at and select black to see the black range

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