Mastering DIY: The Comprehensive Guide to Replacing Door Handles

14th November 2023

Are you ready to take control of your home's aesthetic and functionality? Replacing door handles might not be your typical DIY project, but it's an excellent starting point for DIY enthusiasts. In this all-encompassing guide, we'll dive deep into common apprehensions that may be holding you back, explain why this project is tailor-made for DIYers, detail the essential tools you'll require, stress the cost-effectiveness, and offer an extensive array of tips and insights to ensure your door handle replacement project is a resounding success.

Why Are People Apprehensive?

Undoubtedly, the prospect of tackling a DIY door handle replacement can be intimidating for many homeowners. Here, we'll delve deeper into the specific reasons behind their apprehension:

Fear of Damaging Doors: One of the primary reasons homeowners are reluctant to undertake this project is the fear of damaging their doors. It's understandable; doors are a prominent and functional feature of any home, and the thought of drilling holes or making adjustments can be daunting. The concern here is not just cosmetic; it extends to the possibility of causing structural damage that could compromise the door's integrity. Nobody wants to trade an old handle for a potential eyesore or structural problem.

Mismatched Handle Concerns: Another significant concern revolves around the potential for ending up with mismatched handles. These mismatches can occur in terms of style or finish. In terms of style, a modern handle might look out of place on a traditional door, creating a jarring visual contrast. Regarding finish, even a slight difference in color or material can disrupt the overall aesthetic of the room. Homeowners worry that this mismatch might negatively impact the cohesiveness and appeal of their interior design.

Lack of DIY Confidence: DIY apprehension often boils down to a lack of confidence in one's own DIY skills. The fear of making costly mistakes, especially in a visible area like door hardware, can be overwhelming for those who aren't experienced in DIY work. People may feel they lack the knowledge or expertise to handle the project successfully. This lack of confidence can paralyze them from taking the initiative.

To overcome these challenges, we will make the process easier to understand, give you clear and detailed instructions, and help you feel more sure about your DIY skills.

It's an Easy DIY Project

Now, let's delve into why replacing door handles is an ideal DIY project: Why It's Easy?

You don't need a clutter of tools. The primary tools you'll need are as follows:

Drill with a Phillips head bit: This tool is central to the project and is readily available and user-friendly.

Screwdriver: You'll need this for various tasks, such as removing the old handles and securing the new ones.

Measuring tape: Precise measurements are crucial to ensure the new handles fit perfectly.

Door hole saw: This tool is essential for creating holes for the handle and latch mechanism.

Chisel: A chisel helps with fine adjustments and ensuring a proper fit.

These tools are either something you already own or are readily available at your local Bunnings.

Clear Instructions: Manufacturers provide foolproof, step-by-step instructions with their door handle sets. These instructions often feature user-friendly illustrations. Even if you're a newcomer to DIY, these guides make the process accessible.

No Structural Changes: Unlike extensive home improvement projects requiring structural alterations, replacing door handles is non-invasive. You're simply swapping one set of hardware for another, without any need to modify your door's structure.

Pros of a DIY Door Handle Replacement

Cost Savings: Opting for a DIY approach is a money-saver. Professional labor costs can be substantial, and doing it yourself eliminates those expenses.

Flexibility and Control: DIY projects provide ultimate flexibility. You dictate the pace, working according to your schedule, avoiding delays associated with professional services.

Personal Satisfaction: Completing a DIY project is immensely gratifying. It elevates your confidence, offers a sense of accomplishment, and hones your skills.

Low-Cost DIY Project

This project's cost-effectiveness is one of its most appealing aspects:

Cost Comparison: When you choose to embark on a DIY door handle replacement, your primary expenses consist of the cost of new handles and hardware, alongside the acquisition of a few basic tools if needed. Compare this to hiring a professional, which encompasses labor charges in addition to materials costs. The savings are evident.

What to Consider When Choosing Door Handles

Selecting the right door handles is pivotal to achieving your desired home aesthetics. Here's what to contemplate:

Coastal Design: For a coastal interior design, opt for light and airy door handles, often in brushed nickel or chrome finishes. These finishes capture the coastal ambiance, creating an open and tranquil atmosphere.

Outback Aesthetics: Embrace the rustic charm of the Australian outback with earthy tones and textured finishes. Think of oil-rubbed bronze or matte black for that rugged, natural look.

Urban Modern: In urban settings, sleek and contemporary door handles in polished chrome or stainless steel finishes work wonders. They complement the clean lines and modern architectural elements commonly found in cities.

Bushland Inspirations: If you draw inspiration from nature and the bushland, choose door handles crafted from natural materials like timber or bamboo.

Tips for Choosing Door Handles

Functionality: Prioritize functionality. Lever handles often prove more practical than knobs, especially for frequently used doors. They offer ease of use and accessibility.

Quality: Invest in high-quality door handles. Such handles withstand daily wear and tear while retaining their appearance and functionality.

Consistency: Maintain a consistent finish and style for all your door handles throughout your home to achieve a cohesive look. Consistency enhances the overall aesthetic and creates visual harmony.

Accurate Measurements: Precision is paramount. Take precise measurements to ensure your new handles fit perfectly. Incorrect measurements can lead to fitment issues, necessitating adjustments or replacements.

Mock-Up: Before finalizing your choice, create a mock-up or use samples to visualize how the door handles will look in your space. This confirms that your chosen handles align with your design vision.

DIY door handle replacement instructions

  1. Remove screws
    DIY Step 1
  2. Remove both levers and spindle
    DIY Step 2
  3. Remove strike plate screws
    DIY Step 3
  4. Remove latch
    DIY Step 4
  5. Insert new latch
    DIY Step 5
  6. Insert screws
    DIY Step 6
  7. Attach fixing posts to the external door handle
    DIY Step 7
  8. Ensure the locking bar is vertical
    DIY Step 8
  9. Insert internal handle
    DIY Step 9
  10. Hand-tighten the screws
    DIY Step 10
  11. Tighten with drill
    DIY Step 11
  12. Place rosette

Lemaar DIY Installation Videos:


By now, you're equipped with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to embark on a transformative DIY journey - replacing your door handles. This is a project that's not only manageable but also cost-effective and highly rewarding. We've demystified the process, emphasized its simplicity, and provided invaluable insights into choosing the perfect door handles for your interior design theme. Armed with these resources, you're poised to revitalize your living space, one handle at a time. So, unlock your DIY potential today and seize control of your home's aesthetics and functionality!

Why is Lemaar a Great Choice for DIYers?

For DIY enthusiasts, choosing the right door hardware is crucial. That's where Lemaar comes in. As an Australian-owned business and a leader in door hardware across the country, Lemaar is a trusted brand among builders, architects, and DIYers alike. What sets Lemaar apart is its commitment to quality that you can feel.

Lemaar offers a diverse range of door hardware, providing a choice of classic and on-trend styles and colors to suit your design preferences. What's more, Lemaar door handles are designed in Australia with DIYers in mind, ensuring easy installation. With Lemaar, you can achieve a cohesive look across your entire home or project, thanks to their complete solution approach. So, when you choose Lemaar, you're not just getting door hardware; you're getting a partner who understands the needs and aspirations of DIYers like you.

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