Interior design themes: Choosing door handles to match black window frames and black tapware

18th May 2021

If you’ve chosen black as the colour for interior fittings in your new build or renovation, then consider the Lemaar Orba door handle range as a complete solution with matching entry, passage and privacy handles. 


What is a complete solution in door hardware?

Lemaar makes it easy to choose door hardware. Our range of door handles starts with front door handles with or without the deadlock, with matching passage, privacy and dummy door handles.

This means, you can easily select the colour, the design, either square or round, from entry door handle, to interior door handles.


Black fittings and door hardware

In 2021, matt black is a huge trend, which we believe will continue. At the moment, black is one of the most popular colours for tapware, door hardware and window frames for new house builds in Australia. Lemaar has a wide range of black door handles, so you can match your tapware design, with either square or round door hardware designs. 


Black door hardware complete solutions – matching entry, privacy, passage and dummy door handles

If you’re looking for a square design then consider the Lemaar Orba complete solution in door hardware.  The Orba range has a quality you can feel, with a superior quality C4 6 pin cylinder, the matte black Orba has an electroplated finish, which is more durable than a powder coated finish.

Security set – entrance set door handle with deadbolt  

Entrance set

Passage door handle


Privacy door handle

Dummy lever handle 

You can browse Lemaar’s range of entry and interior black door hardware at this link.,Door%20Handles/colour:Black/

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