How to choose a front door handle

01st May 2021

The front door handle you choose for your renovation or new home will make a statement to you and your visitors as they enter. Lemaar is Australian owned and our front door handles are designed for Australian trends and to accommodate Australians' love of DIY, therefore easy to install.

Security should be the first consideration, as your front door is an exterior entry point. Lemaar door entry handles are designed for superior strength with a C4 6 pin cylinder.

For additional security, you should consider a security set, with door handle and deadbolt.


Orba - Black

Calida - Chrome Plate


Altro - Satin Chrome

Almeri - White

Belize - Stainless Steel


To match the overall theme of your interior design, Lemaar offers colours such as chrome, satin chrome, stainless steel, black and now white with the new Almeri range. Lemaar’s wide range of finishes allows you to match your front door handle with the other finishes throughout your home such as tapware, window frames and other fittings.

Next to consider a square or round design, and once again you should match the other fittings throughout your home such as tapware. 




For homes with a modern style, door pulls can add a stylish touch.

To make choosing door handles easy, Lemaar offers a complete solution of matching passage and privacy handles, so you can get the same design right across your home.

To review Lemaar’s door entry range click this link and use the filter to sort by colour and round or square backplate.

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