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15th June 2021

Door handles are a small part of a new home or renovation but have the power to add a touch of style and design to a room. Therefore it’s important to spend some time making the right choice in door hardware for your project. It’s also very important to match the fittings inside your home. Fittings such as tapware, door handles and window frames can be matched so you get the same look throughout.

There are many different door handle colours and styles to consider for your project. Below is a sample from Lemaar’s range that may fit the theme or your home.

Matt Black

The matt black trend has been very popular since 2019 and is here to stay. Black provides flexibility and a minimalist appearance that matches many themes including modern interiors. Adding a black door handle, tapware or other fixtures is a great way to achieve a modern overall look for your house. Lemaar has a wide range of black door handles available in round or square, and many styles also available as a complete solution of matching passage, entrance and privacy sets.

Lemaar Javea Passage Set Black

Lemaar Javea Passage Set


Lemaar Orba Passage Set Black

Lemaar Orba Passage Set



White is a timeless and classic finish. It is simple, clean and an emerging trend in 2021. White door handles and tapware are eye-catching, but not overwhelming enough to compete with feature pieces in your home. See the Almeri white by Lemaar, available as a complete solution in matching entry, passage and privacy door handles.

Lemaar Almeri Entrance Set White

Lemaar Almeri Entrance Set

Lemaar Almeri Passage Set White

Lemaar Almeri Passage Set


Lemaar Almeri Privacy Set White

Lemaar Almeri Privacy Set


Satin Stainless Steel 

Lemaar’s satin stainless steel range has a finish that’s neutral and can suit many homes. Create a sophisticated and elegant statement on your home’s design by choosing satin stainless steel door handles such as the Belize or Lena designs shown here.

Lemaar Belize Passage Set Satin Stainless Steel

Lemaar Belize Passage Set


Lemaar Lena Passage Set Satin Stainless Steel

Lemaar Lena Passage Set


We hope this small sample of door handle choices makes the decision process a little easier.


If you would like to browse Lemaar’s entire range click the link below to go to our product filter, where you can filter between colour, front door handle or entry door handles, and even DDA compliant handles.

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