Chrome Door Handles

15th June 2021

For stylish and classic homes, chrome plate door handles are a great choice. Choose either a round or square backplate, and design of the handle itself, to suit other fittings throughout your home such as tapware.


Chrome door handle designs

Lemaar Calida Security Set  Chrome Plate


Calida security set, front door handle, chrome plate, square backplate or rosette, square handle

Lemaar Girona Privacy Set Chrome Plate

Girona privacy door handle, bathroom and toilet door handle with lock, chrome plate, round backplate or rosette with round handle


Lemaar Zalla Entrance Set  Chrome Plate

Zalla entrance set, front door handle, chrome plate, round backplate with square handle

Lemaar Berja Passage Set Chrome Plate

Berja passage door handle, chrome plate, round rosette with tapered handle


Chrome Door Hardware Accessories

Lemaar door handles can be matched with a great range of chrome plate accessories to suit the overall theme across your project.


Lemaar 38mm Round Rubber Ring Floor Mount Door Stop  Chrome Plate   

Door stop, chrome

Lemaar 60mm Privacy Bolt Chrome Plate

Privacy bolt, chrome


Lemaar 60mm Commercial Latch Chrome Plate

Latch, chrome

Lemaar 100 x 100 x 2.5mm Fixed Pin Flat Tip Hinge Chrome Plate

Hinge, chrome

Lemaar 150 x 50mm Radius Flush Pull Chrome Plate

Flush pull, chrome


To see the entire range of chrome door handles and chrome accessories, go to the product page link below and use the filter to search through Lemaar’s range. 

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