Brushed Brass Trend

17th September 2021

Brushed brass elements bring elegance to any interior design and give rooms a spectacular character. Compared to the ’80s and ‘90s shiny and gold hardware, brushed brass finishes offer a fresh aesthetic character that ages well, ensuring your design will stay relevant for years to come.

In contemporary spaces, brushed brass brings a level of style and personality, more so than other finishes.


Chic modern luxury aesthetics style living room

chic modern luxury aesthetics style living room from pexels

The chic look of brushed brass goes with many different styles of decor, and you can use it throughout your home, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms. In a more traditional space, brushed brass adds a sense of connection to the past and warmth.

Lemaar Brushed Brass Door Hardware

The Almeri door handle can lift the overall look of your home and has a quality you can feel. It is available in brushed brass, and a complete solution from entry, dummy lever, passage to privacy handles.

Almeri Passage Set


Almeri Entrance Set 


Almeri Privacy Set


Almeri Dummy Lever

Adding a touch of brushed brass door handle can really brighten up a room, therefore an excellent way to add a “wow” feel to your space without overdoing it.

Lemaar Almeri brushed brass range is easy to install and backed up by a market-leading warranty. You can find an Installation template on every product page, just below each image. Cleaning and maintenance tips are also provided on our website.

How to Style Brushed Brass in Your Home

In the Kitchen 

Brushed brass door handles and pulls pair perfectly with white, painted, and wood cabinetry. Its versatility makes them a great choice for kitchen remodels with any design objective in mind.




In the Bathroom

In a bathroom setting, brushed brass fittings and accessories when incorporated alongside black, or white combinations make a real statement when used in moderation. 



The finish of brushed brass is oozing with opulence, elegance, and class making it a wonderful addition to interior design choices. Here at Lemaar, we offer a range of door hardware in brushed brass that you can use throughout your home.

Incorporating brushed brass finish in door accessories, light fixtures, bathroom hardware, etc., is an easy and affordable way for homeowners to stay on trend today until years to come.


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